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December 16 2014


#I'll ride with you

The key to an effective Twitter campaign, according to some commentators, is targeting the right goal: Raising awareness, cultivating solidarity, and urging specific action.

The #illridewithyou campaign did all three. It raised awareness of anti-Muslim backlash fears by narrating an authentic heartfelt story; it cultivated solidarity by offering genuine, sincere support; and perhaps most importantly, it urged very specific, attainable action – offers to ride with any Muslims who worried about being targeted for their faith as a result of the hostage crisis. [...]

Whether it's a 'scary Muslim' costume or fears of an anti-Muslim backlash, the key to an effective Twitter campaign is to 'pinpoint an exact target, reach people with the power to make change, and tell them exactly what you want,' reports the RNS.

As sociologist Zeynep Tufekci, an assistant professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, told the RNS, 'Attention has never been powerless.'

Solidarity with Muslims via Twitter | CSM

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