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August 20 2013

"Und dieser junge Mann sitzt nun hier, um drei Jahre weiser nach drei Jahren in Untersuchungshaft, einige Zeit davon unter rechtswidrigen Bedingungen."
Und diesen Zynismus erlaubt sich sein Rechtsbeistand –, aber vielleicht ist's ja Ironie.
Schlussargumente | Free Bradley Manning!

August 03 2013

[...] the people being prosecuted are those who disclosed fraud, waste, abuse and illegality of the highest order for the purpose of benefitting the public. It sends the most chilling of messages to jail truth-tellers and dissenters, essential actors in maintaining an informed citizenry, which lies at the heart of a free and open democratic society. After all, in our grand experiment with democracy, the people are supposed to control the government, not the other way around. The work of the government is supposed to be public and people’s personal lives private, not the other way around. There are a number of brave souls trying to correct the trajectory of decline that our country is on. Public servants should not have to choose their conscience over their careers, and especially their very freedom.
Bradley Manning’s conviction sends a chilling message | Washington Post
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August 02 2013


Manning ist ein Held - Kommentare zu einem ZEIT-Artikel

"Wenn er in Haft ist, kann er sich damit trösten, dass andere wie z.B. Nelson Mandela, ebenfalls lange in Haft waren. Krieg hat hässliche Seiten. Es war wichtig, der Welt zu zeigen, wie hässlich es ist, was WIR da im Iraq und in Afghanistan gemacht haben.
In 50 Jahren werden Manning und Snowden vollkommen rehabilitiert sein!"


"Befindet man sich in einem Kriegsszenario und erschießt - mehr oder weniger - wissentlich unschuldige Frauen und Kinder, so muss man sich vor keinem Gericht verantworten.
Trägt man aber die Information in die Öffentlichkeit, dass Jemand eine solche Tat begangen hat, kann man froh sein, wenn man nicht hingerichtet, sondern nur ein Leben lang weggesperrt wird."

Manning wegen Spionage verurteilt | ZEIT
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July 26 2013

"The idea that you can execute someone for an offense that had no element of intent or even specified effect, or that you can face life in prison or death simply from informing an enemy or potential enemy in the process of informing fellow citizens for their benefit is potentially a lethal blow to the First Amendment or freedom of speech and the press," says Daniel Ellsberg, the former intelligence specialist who released the Pentagon papers [....]
"People need to understand that this is a new way of applying the aiding-the-enemy charge," says Mr. Gosztola. "It changes the standard for aiding the enemy." 
How Bradley Manning's 'aiding the enemy' charge could jolt journalism | CSMonitor.com
“To avoid the slippery slope of basically punishing people for getting information out to the press to basically put a, I guess, a hammer down on any whistleblower or anybody who wants to put information out,” there should be an “intent requirement.” So, if your intent was to use and organization to indirectly get it to the enemy,” that could make you guilty of “aiding the enemy.”
‘Aiding the Enemy’: The Unprecedented Prosecution of Bradley Manning | The Dissenter
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