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January 11 2015


No, we are NOT all Charlie
(and that’s a problem)

If 'we' are going to expect of 'them' to abide by freedom of speech, than this freedom of speech should either be totally free or protect all groups equally (which, I believe, is impossible). If 'we' want 'them' to abide by the (not 'our'!) democratic rules of the game, 'we' should also accept 'them' as equal citizens. Too often Islam and Muslims are treated as foreign, either linked to immigration or to a foreign country/region. But the majority of Muslims in most European countries are citizens, born and raised in Europe. In other words, 'they' are 'us'! So, as much as 'they' have to come to terms with living in 'our' country, 'we' have to come to terms with the fact that it is 'their' country too!
Cas Mudde in OpenDemocracy, 7.1.15

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