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March 03 2015



Anstatt die richtigen Fragen zu stellen, wird der Fokus auf Edathy gerichtet. Die Geschmacklosigkeit und das Empörungspotential der Vorwürfe gegen ihn bestimmen die mediale Darstellung. Der politische Skandal eines Politikers, der möglicherweise aufgrund seiner Erpressbarkeit gezielt ausgewählt wurde, die Aufklärung des NSU-Skandals zu lenken, bleibt unterm Teppich.
Erledigt: der Fall Edathy
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December 03 2014


May 13 2014


October 31 2013

"Die beste Informationsquelle über öffentliche Verschwendung, Betrügerei und Täuschung ist regelmäßig ein öffentlicher Angestellter, der zu öffentlicher Integrität verpflichtet und aussagebereit ist. Solch mutiges und patriotisches Handeln, das manchmal Leben und häufig die Dollars der Steuerzahler retten kann, sollte angeregt und nicht unterdrückt werden." Obama-Biden Transition Project, 2008
Wanted Whistleblowers | Blätter 10'13

July 08 2013

The most basic anarchist principle is self-organization: the assumption that human beings do not need to be threatened with prosecution in order to be able to come to reasonable understandings with each other, or to treat each other with dignity and respect.[...]
Everyone believes they are capable of behaving reasonably themselves. If they think laws and police are necessary, it is only because they don’t believe that other people are. But if you think about it, don’t those people all feel exactly the same way about you? Anarchists argue that almost all the anti-social behavior which makes us think it’s necessary to have armies, police, prisons, and governments to control our lives, is actually caused by the systematic inequalities and injustice those armies, police, prisons and governments make possible. It’s all a vicious circle. If people are used to being treated like their opinions do not matter, they are likely to become angry and cynical, even violent — which of course makes it easy for those in power to say that their opinions do not matter. Once they understand that their opinions really do matter just as much as anyone else’s, they tend to become remarkably understanding. To cut a long story short: anarchists believe that for the most part it is power itself, and the effects of power, that make people stupid and irresponsible. [...]
Anarchists believe that power corrupts and those who spend their entire lives seeking power are the very last people who should have it. Anarchists believe that our present economic system is more likely to reward people for selfish and unscrupulous behavior than for being decent, caring human beings. Most people feel that way. The only difference is that most people don’t think there’s anything that can be done about it, or anyway — and this is what the faithful servants of the powerful are always most likely to insist — anything that won’t end up making things even worse.
Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You! (David Graeber) | The Anarchist Library

June 30 2013

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Baulöwe Klaus Groth, Berlin und der rot-schwarze Filz.
Und der alte Löwe, der die Allgemeinheit schon um hunderte Millionen betrog, darf mit seinem Rudel die Hauptstadt weiter betonieren, vom Flottwell Living am Gleisdreieck- bis zum Mauerpark...
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