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June 29 2013

Wayne Madsen, an NSA worker for 12 years, has revealed that six EU countries, in addition to the UK, colluded in data harvesting. [...] Madsen said he was alarmed at the "sanctimonious outcry" of political leaders who were "feigning shock" about the spying operations while staying silent about their own arrangements with the US, and was particularly concerned that senior German politicians had accused the UK of spying when their country had a similar third-party deal with the NSA. [...] "I can't understand how Angela Merkel can keep a straight face, demanding assurances from [Barack] Obama and the UK while Germany has entered into those exact relationships," Madsen said. ["She’s acting like inspector Reynaud in Casablanca: ‘I’m shocked – shocked – to find gambling going on here’ "] "A lot of this information isn't secret, nor is it new," Madsen said. "It's just that governments have chosen to keep the public in the dark about it. The days when they could get away with a conspiracy of silence are over."

[More here:“Snowden is being roundly condemned by many who say he had no authority or right to provide the public with details of NSA snooping. But what right or authority did NSA director, General Keith Alexander, have to provide information on NSA surveillance at five meetings of the global Bilderberg Conference – two in Virginia and one meeting each in Greece, Spain and Switzerland?
Alexander claims he is protecting the American people from a constantly changing number of terrorist attacks. In fact, he is providing information to elites on the methods NSA uses to spy on labor, student, religious and progressive organizations.
When Alexander leaks to the elites, he’s thanked. When Snowden does it, he’s called a traitor and a coward.”]

Und "der BND spioniert unter anderem die afghanische Regierung aus, behauptete die Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. BND-Präsident Schindler habe in geheimer Sitzung des Bundestagsinnenausschusses nach Angaben von Teilnehmern gesagt, der BND lasse zwar verbündete Staaten wie die USA oder Großbritannien prinzipiell außen vor, anders halte man es aber mit Staaten wie Afghanistan oder Syrien. So observiere man die komplette afghanische Regierung auf Geheiß des Bundeskanzleramtes mit nachrichtendienstlichen Mitteln."
(USA sollen EU-Gebäude verwanzt haben | ZEITonline)
Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America | The Guardian | The Observer Artikel wurde runtergenommen, aber vorher gesichert

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