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January 19 2015


Zersetzt hat immer nur die Stasi

Britin, die Beziehung zu einem Undercover-Bullen hatte, klagt mit anderen Betrogenen gegen den britischen Staat: "Wir wollen, dass anerkannt wird, dass es sich hier um schwere Menschenrechtsverstöße handelt. Ich vergleiche diese Einsatztaktik mit dem Treiben der Stasi in Deutschland. Es ist politische Polizeiarbeit." (taz.de, 16.01.15)

Ist doch sehr aufschlussreich , dass solche Zersetzungstaktiken immer nur mit der Stasi oder Stalin in Verbindung gebracht werden, nie jedoch mit der BRD. Von Iris Plate in der Roten Flora oder beim Radio FSK hat die Gute noch nichts mitbekommen, obwohl zumindest die liberalere "Lügenpresse" ausführlich berichtete. 

February 07 2014


Iraq: Since 2008, over 37,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq. That's just over twelve 9/11 attacks, or the equivalent of 370,000 civilians dying in the US (Iraq's population is 10 times smaller of that of the US). In other words, like wiping out a city the size of Tampa, Florida. Since the bulk of the US media were more than willing to cheerlead a war based on a blatant falsehood, a recalibration of the coverage of the aftermath of this debacle is perhaps in order.

Global warming/climate change: The US remains the home of more political climate change sceptics than any other country in the so-called "developed world". Despite the near-unanimous position of scientists around the world, US politicians continue to display mind-boggling scientific ignorance (wilful or otherwise). Not surprising, in retrospect, from a country where 50 percent of Republicans believe that humans have existed in their present form since the dawn of time (which would be about 7,000 years ago), and politicians claim with seriousness that women's bodies are able to miraculously prevent pregnancy in cases of rape.

Death Penalty: Between January 1, 2008 and February 2, 2014, there have been 266 executions in the US. In 2012, China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the US were the top 5 global executioners. Disturbingly, earlier studies have shown that US prosecutors were twice as likely to request the death penalty for a black defendant who is charged with killing a non-black victim versus a black victim; and, white defendants were twice as likely as non-white to be offered a plea agreement to reduce their sentence from execution to life imprisonment. The death penalty gets coverage, but far too many of the "What-did-he-have-for-his-last-meal?" variety.

Al Jazeera | Nicht Schlagzeilen konform

December 26 2013

Wer glaubt, nichts zu verbergen zu haben und schweigt, ist doppelt nützlich: Als stiller Unterstützer und als Teil des Datenrauschens vermeintlicher Normalität, vor dessen Hintergrund sich die Abweichler umso deutlicher abzeichnen sollen.
Ekel vorm Netz | Günter Hack
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