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June 30 2015


Shujaiya Dust

Operation Protective Edge was Israel's third full-scale military incursion into the strip since Hamas took control in 2007. During their bombing campaign and ground invasion, Israeli forces killed over 2,100 Palestinians, according to the United Nations, 70 percent of them civilians, including nearly 500 children. Eleven thousand more were injured. A June 2015 UN report found evidence of war crimes.

January 18 2015


On Top of the Game

Panetta [former CIA Director and US Secretary of Defense], speaking on CNN’s 'Fareed Zakaria GPS,' said the United States has 'pretty good security' when it comes to managing terrorist watch and no-fly lists. But he added that parts of Europe do not and that they are less aggressive in monitoring potential terrorists returning from countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where they can receive training.

'So the real challenge here is going to be for the United States to work very closely with our counterparts in Europe to make sure that these watch lists are shared, that we’re working together to make sure that these individuals are being tracked when they try to come back to the various countries, and that we work together operationally to be able to go after them once that happens,' Panetta said. 'So there’s room for a great deal of improvement here in order to make sure that we’re at the top of our game in terms of trying to protect our country.'
A War Criminal's Advice | WP

December 31 2014


Torture Pics prove it as essential policy

Obama verweigert mit der Behauptung einer nationalen Sicherheitsgefährdung die Veröffentlichung weiterer Fotos des CIA-Folterprogramms, sei's in Abu Ghraib, sei's in Guantánamo oder anderswo... -- But, asks Mother Jones,
"Should our government be allowed to hide its fuckups just because our enemies might use them against us?

ACLU told Newsweek
'One of the reasons we’ve been fighting for so long for these photographs is because the official narrative following the disclosure of the Abu Ghraib photos was that those abuses were the result of a few bad apples,' says Alex Abdo, an ACLU staff attorney working on the case since 2005.

'These photographs come from at least seven different detention facilities throughout Afghanistan and Iraq.... We think this would once and for all end the myth that the abuse that took place at Abu Ghraib was an aberration,' he says. 'It was essentially official policy. It was widespread at different facilities under different commanders.'
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December 29 2014


The War on terror drugs

1) 'Escalate and Exit'
2) 'It is now up to the Afghans to decide what their future will look like.'

["Die US-Basis Ramstein auf deutschem Boden gilt aber seit Längerem als Schaltzentrale im Drohnenkrieg gegen den Terror." (telepolis, Obamas Todesliste]

Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.

(Noam Chomsky)
Dubya-Drobama's Hit List JPEL | SpOn
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